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when she dances, she goes and goes...

Name: Hilary
Age: 14
Where are you from: West Virginia
Hobbies and Interests(apart from dance): writing, reading, hanging out with my friends.
Dance company name(s): Charleston Ballet
How long have you danced: 8-ish years
When do you dance: every day, but i have classes every weekday
What kind of dance do you do?: ballet, tap, jazz
Whats your favourite dance/why?: ballet, because it requires discipline and drive, and because it isn't easy, but I have lots of fun when I dance.
Favourite shoes/size: Chacott Veronese II size 24.5 C
Name of teacher/couch(s): Rhiannon and Ms. Pauley
Your Favourite Female dancer: Rhiannon and Ms. Pauley out of the ones that I know, Alina Cojacaru, Paloma Hererra, and Julie Kent
Your Favourite Male dancer: out of all the ones I know, Rick, but I also like Ethan Stieffel
Dance Movies/cd's: movies: Center Stage, A Chorus Line, Chicago. music: Chicago Soundtrack for tap, classical for ballet, and Aretha Franklin for jazz
What do you keep in your bag: well, I've been asked if I keep half my life in my bag...but the most important stuff (besides shoes, toe pads, leotards, etc.) would be stuff like hairspray, homework (for those long rehearsals), and granola bars.
Whats your favourite part of dance: I love almost every aspect of dance, the performing, class, but most of all, when we're all onstage rehearsing together in leotards, tights, sweatpants, etc.
Whats your worst part of dance: I hate it that there are all these cliques and stuff, you know? It really gets on my nerves. I mean, we're all in this thing together.
Whats the most difficult part of dance: The end of the performance. Most people are so happy when it's over, but it makes me sad.
Whats the most ugliest costume you've worn: The scarecrow coatume for our tap piece the last year at Huntington Dance Theater. Ugh!
Whats the lovliest costume you've worn: Probably my second CB recital costume. It was a long plum tutu with ivory trim.
Why do you dance: I hate this question. I dance because it makes me happy. I dance because, well, I couldn't NOT dance.
2 Pictures (if available): I only have one:

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