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Name: Naomi
Age: 14
Where are you from: CT
Hobbies and Interests(apart from dance): singing, acting, writing, reading


Dance company name(s): the Northern Connecticut Ballet
How long have you danced: 12 years
When do you dance: Every day. I dance during school down the hallways =)
What kind of dance do you do?: Ballet/Pointe and Musical Theatre..and in the summer I take modern, jazz, partnering, salsa, etc
Whats your favourite dance/why?: like a live dance performance? I love The Nutcracker..I've done it 10 times so I should be sick of it but I'm not. I love seeing other versions of it and how they interpret the music.
Favourite shoes/size: my pointe shoes, Capezio Glisee's, and my jazz shoes for musical theatre..my jazz shoes are 8's but I don't remember what size my pointe shoes are


Name of teacher/couch(s): Helen Stevenson is the director of my company..then I have Wendy Fish-Lawrence (I don't like her) David Lawrence (I LOVE him!) and Joan Simone (I loove her too)
Your Favourite Female dancer: Paloma Herrera, Alessandra Ferri <--I want her feet!
Your Favourite Male dancer: Ethan Stiefel, Sascha Radetsky, Angel Corella..and my friend Cooper, he's soo good
Dance Movies/cd's: Center Stage, A Chorus Line. Classical music for ballet, and any classic Broadway show cast recording for musical theatre
What do you keep in your bag: soft shoes, pointe shoes, legwarmers, knit shorts, sweater for your arms, socks, black electrical tape, toe pads, scissors, little sewing kit, and an elastic band from an old pair of tights that I wear around my waist..just the essentials, you know lol..but also hair stuff, homework, and money for food and water

Part of dance

Whats your favourite part of dance: Performing. Right before I go onstage I always think that I've forgotten the dance, but then I go on and my body leads me because it knows the dance. I love being on stage and having people enjoy the dance. Also I love the friendships you make. I feel like in dance and theatre your relationships with people are so much more closer. I find it so funny when people ask me "you actually change in front of guys?!?" I mean if it's a quick change you kind of have to lol. And they think it's a bi deal when you're just kind of like not really, that's the performing world.
Whats your worst part of dance: Cliques and drama..I just HATE it
Whats the most difficult part of dance: Closing nights. I hate them! Everyone is always so excited to finish the show but I'm always really, really sad.
Whats the most ugliest costume you've worn: Last year for a spring show we did "Sous La Mer" and my friends and I were Sea Witches. Our costume was a black leotard with strips of green cloth hanging down. There was no skirt. It was the oddest thing ever. Also, we had to put strips of the same cloth in our hair and tease our hair out. It was pretty embarrassing but the dance was really funny.
Whats the lovliest costume you've worn: Last year in the same show I was in another ballet called Carioca. The costume was purple and it has a twirly skirt with sparkles and all different kinds/colors of sequins on the leotard. We also had a piece of fabric attached from our shoulder to our finger. It was soo pretty.
Why do you dance:

2 Pictures (if available): I dont have any right now
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